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Luxury Travel Experiences for You and Your Pet

Taking your pet on vacation can sometimes be very difficult. For this reason, Blue Star Jets, Chien Bleu and Sit ‘n Stay are now offering high-end travel services for people and their your beloved pets. Their strategic alliance is meant to give luxury travel a new dimension. With only a four hour’s notice, Blue Star Jets can find a jet for you and your fluffy friend, regardless of your destination.

During your flight, specially trained flight attendants from Sit ‘n Stay will tend to your every need (and whim) and will make sure that you and your pet are enjoying your flight. Every flight attended knows CPR and First Aid techniques and is certified by the American Red Cross.

Once you will arrive at the destination, Chien Bleu will welcome you and help you check in at the best pet-friendly hotel or resort in the area. With a complete luxury experience like this, your cat will have good reasons to purr happily!

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Star’s with Dogs by Helena M.

Through blockbuster success and tabloid disaster – Hollywood’s top dogs stick by their famous masters. Click through to see the stars who count a cute canine among their best friends.

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The greyhound… Speed, elegance, perfection! (by cc)

 Hello people!

 How was your day? Things are looking pretty good here at the Mansion thanks to your support, so whatever it is you ‘re doing, keep it up! Check out our follow and subscribe features and we ‘ll keep you posted all day on everything that’s new, fresh and dope!

 Here at Candy Mansion we all love dogs, and come on, who doesn’t? Most of us share our lives with one or more of these amazing creatures, so it ‘s only natural that I should dedicate several words every now and then to the K9s. We also love speed, class and elegance, so the first of the breeds I’m going to write about is none other than the greyhound.

 The Greyhound is a member of the sighthound dog family and is one of the oldest breeds recorded. Originally bred for deer coursing, their speed also made them suitable for hare coursing, a sport that is still in practice particularly in Ireland. They ‘re also used for racing, which is extremely popular in Britain, Australia and North America. The breed was considered the noblest of canine hunting companions, thus appearing in western literature and heraldry and making it so popular amongst British nobles, that “commoners” were not supposed to own a Greyhound!

 But let’s think in terms of speed. What makes a Greyhound so fast, especially in the first 100 yards? Well, the males are anywhere from 27 to 40 kilograms, and the females 27 to 35, while still being an impressive 71 to 76 centimeters tall at the withers. So, like any good sports car, they ‘re pretty light. Their engine is huge, as the heart is larger than other breeds of the same size, and the unique double suspension galloping stride, in which all four legs are free from the ground in two phases. Greyhounds also have more red blood cells, which means more oxygen to the muscles. While we ‘re talking numbers, the greyhound can reach an average racing speed of 18 meters per second which is 63 km/h. Pretty impressive, huh? But they are known to reach a top speed of 72 km/h in less than 30 feet!

 But, aside from racing and coursing, greyhounds make amazing pets. They are an intelligent breed, gentle and devoted. They ‘ll accept you as alpha quite easily as they are pack animals and they are very good with children. Greyhounds make great apartment dogs as they mostly sleep indoors and only need a proper place to sprint several times a week in order to keep that excess energy in control.

This is a beautiful dog, friendly, elegant and noble in both heart and history. A dog that loves to run and is fiercely loyal and tied to it’s owner. The supercar of canines is also a valuable companion, so if you ‘d like to share your life with one, keep in mind that you can always adopt a retired racing dog from one of the numerous greyhound rescue organizations. For more info, contact us and we ‘ll be glad to help you out. After all, there’s nothing more dope than nature’s Lambo!

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