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iTree : World’s Largest iPod Dock

Austrian design house KMKG STUDIO in cooperation with speaker manufacturer Trenner & Friedl launched the worlds largest ipod dock, the itree. Itree is carved from a simple tree trunk, its rear-mounted speakers are pointed towards a wall to reflect the audio and the wood serves to resonate the sound in a similar fashion to a piano or violin, creating an optimum accoustic sound experience.

Currently the itree comes out in cherry, poplar or spruce. Carpenters in the Steirische Vulkanland region of southern Austria are employed to shape, hollow out and lovingly finish the trunk casing by hand.

Each itree is a unique creation, and as such carries a starting price of EUR 11,000 (US$14,982) – extra options include making the device compatible with Apple’s AirPlay wireless streaming technology, and a special version for the iPad.

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The first LG Prada smartphone

LG and fashion label Prada are collaborating for the third time to release the first LG Prada smartphone, the Prada phone by LG 3.0.

The first LG Prada, also known as LG KE850, was the world’s first mobile phone to use a touchscreen display.

The teams behind the design and construction have offered a sneak peek into the handset that will be on offer next fall via an image released by the company.

Neither of the two concerned companies has revealed any information on the upcoming LG Prada phone.

Dr. Jong-seok Park, CEO of LG Eletronics Mobile Communications Company, said, “Our working relationship with PRADA is unique in its longevity and success, something no other phone company and luxury brand have been able to replicate.


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Luvaglio a.k.a ‘the million dollar laptop’

Luvaglio a.k.a ‘the million dollar laptop’ is a made-to-order laptop from a British company that only caters to the tech needs of a privileged few. This hand-crafted laptop also happens to be the first self-cleaning notebook in the market, and it has some “functional” bits of jewellery as well. As far as its technical features are concerned, this computer has a 128GB Solid State Drive, built-in USB support and Blu-Ray among other standard features.

The jury’s still out on whether this laptop actually exists–no one’s seen any sign of it since it was announced over a year ago. Some believe that this was just a publicity stunt to draw attention to a fledgling luxury goods company!

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Tag Heuer Link White Lizard Smartphone

This Tag Heuer Link Smartphone has a white lizard leather cover with 1007 diamonds, totaling 2.53 carats, placed around a stainless steel body.

974 brilliant cut diamonds adorn the front housing, sides, back cover and crown. A white mother-of-pearl plate on the back is graced with a further 33 diamonds.

Finest white lizard skin and mirror-polished 316L stainless steel reinforce the dazzling clarity of these stones.

The phone has optimal security and shock proof construction couple with an Android OS with flash support, Google Map, Facebook integration and a 1GHz to run it all.

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