Ferrari 599XX Evoluzione unveiled at the Bologna Motor Show

09 Dec

The Prancing Horse is undergoing a lot of upgrades every year, due to Ferrari’s enthusiasm. They have just unveiled a new racing car for the next year, the 599XX Evoluzione. One of the good parts of the Ferrari atmosphere is that their wealthy customers can get involved in their new projects, transforming the technology in F1 cars into road-car sensations.

This is a new program that they’ve started, and seems to be one of their greatest ideas ever. This program has seen its results during 2005, when the FXX, a street-legal version of the Ferrari Enzo was released, being followed by the FXX Evoluzione. Then, they presented the 599GTO, their top-tech and fastest car ever produced. But this is already old.

They have now released the 599XX Evoluzione, a car that’s “a second faster” than its predecessor, on Ferrari’s Fiorano test track. The car boasts a 6-liter V12 that generates 740HP. The car is packed with top technology, with customizable dynamic settings, depending on driver’s needs to make it possible for the car to be driven on roads.

Sadly, it will be produced in a short series of 29 cars, at a cost of €1,485,000 or $1,991,000. This means $250,000 more than the Ferrari 599XX. And they’re well worth the money, given the fact that this car has history, and, most of all, value.

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Posted by on December 9, 2011 in Cars


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